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Our Story

Associates NonWovens manufactures and circulates products and merchandises to diverse sectors including medicine, garment, packaging, and the agricultural industry. A moderating conglomerate, the company caters to various target groups and has earned global recognition. Associates NonWovens is a premier establishment, involved in the formulation, manufacturing and distribution of a variety of non woven products. Our product lines include products like PP Spunbond Non Woven (Sealing Bags, Fabric Roll, Metallic Laminated Non Woven Bags & Metallic Laminated Non Woven Fabric Rolls), Needle Punch Non-Woven Fabric, Grass Mats and Tearaway Cotton Embroidery Paper, Aluminium Foil Containers, Aluminum House-Hold Foil, Non-Woven Insole Board, Stroble Insole Board. We deliver custom made products, amplifying the product range offered.

Established in 2005, Associates NonWovens has scaled to new heights in the field of non-wovens. The company follows the mantra of inculcating innovation into the thought process, molding our products with respect to the changing market transitions. We believe in attaining success through customer satisfaction, and the same is reflected in all the members and employees of Associates Nonwovens, who are extremely committed and dedicated towards the working of the company.


Why Associates NonWovens

Serve the client:

Associates NonWovens is committed to serving their clients and help them in achieving their goals in a variety of products. Moreover, our products go through different levels of quality checks, before we actually handover the final product. We continuously aim to provide new and unique prototypes available in the market. Our team of qualified professionals help and guide our clients every step of the way so that we ensure the best quality products. We believe in client feedback and continuously strive to improve our products to

Support the employee:

We understand the value employees bring to our table. We provide the best opportunities that can help them in their personal and professional growth. In addition, Associates NonWovens follows the principle of ‘Division of Work’ and ‘Esprit De Corps’. It implies that we distribute equal amount of work among our employees and work together as team. Unity is Associates NonWovens' strength


Our ideology is to become one of the leaders of change, makes it stand out among its peers. We understand that to usher in a change, it is important that all of us contribute equally in protecting the environment by continuous improvement. Continuous improvement consists of incremental initiatives and innovations to achieve best practices. All expectations and objectives are deployed to all stakeholders clearly. Providing encouragement and implementing incentive plans help in developing a culture of continuous improvement within the company.