15 Dec 2023

Why are we the best Needle Punch Fabrics Manufacturer in India?


Associate NonWoven is renowned for its production of superior quality sustainable fabrics for the field of medicine, garments, packaging,etc. We are having products like PP Spunbond Non Woven (Sealing Bags, Fabric Roll, Metallic Laminated Non Woven Bags & Metallic Laminated Non Woven Fabric Rolls), Needle Punch Non-Woven Fabric. We are a big manufacturer of Needle Punch Fabircs such as Needle Punch felt, PP Needle Punch Fabrics, Viscose Needle Punch Fabric, Geotextile Fabrics, Geobag Fabrics, Flame Retardant Needle Punched Fabric, Etc.

What is the Needle Punch Fabric?

Needle-punched nonwoven fabrics are made from various fibrous webs in which fibres are bonded together mechanically through fibre tangles and frictions after fine needle barbs repeatedly stick through the fibrous web.

Reason of our success:

1 Commitment of Quality The key to Associate NonWoven's success is a strong commitment to quality. The quality of the needle punch fabric produced is subject to strict quality control processes, which ensures it meets industry standards. It provides us top-quality textiles.

2 Manufacturing Facilities The company has capability to produce needle punch fabrics with precision and high efficiency. Their optmized infrastructure helps the production chain to make top-notch products. Associate NonWoven has top manufacturing facilities.

3 Manufacturing Facilities Associate NonWoven's product quality and innovative design are both noteworthy factors. Research and development are the primary areas of investment for the company, which aims to stay ahead of industry trends. Due to this commitment to innovation, needle punch fabrics have been developed for a wide range of uses, including automotive interiors and geotextile materials.

4 Sustainable Practices Associate NonWoven follows the sustainability rules in manufacturing process, particularly in an age where it is crucial to achieve environmental responsibility. The company is pursuing an environmentally conscious approach that involves using recycled materials where producing products with energy conservation in mind.

5 Adaptable Production Capacities: With an understanding of market requirements, Associate NonWoven has developed adaptable production capacities. This flexibility enables the company to meet varying demands continuously, ensuring that clients receive their orders on time, regardless of price swings.

6 Facilitating Infrastructural Development with Geotextiles: India's infrastructural development is a top priority, and Associate NonWoven plays a primary role through its geotextiles. These fabrics, designed for applications in civil engineering projects, contribute to the development of durable infrastructure across the country.

7 Supporting 'Make in India': Its supporting to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. By producing high-quality needle punch fabrics domestically, the company contributes to the nation's economic growth and encourage a sense of pride in natural manufacturing capabilities.


Associate NonWoven's journey to becoming the best Needle Punch Fabrics Manufacturer in India is a testament to its ability to its seamless combination of tradition with innovation for diverse industry needs that addressed environmental challenge and helps to improve the India’s eco system. The fabric of Associate NonWoven's success is complexly woven with the threads of Indian resilience, craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence.

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